- Who we are  
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Hallpa Yaku SAC is a private company dedicated to the production, selection, and packing of high quality products for the international market. The main object of the company is to consolidate its offer as a Peruvian exporting company in the foreign markets.
We offer a wide variety of agriculture and sea products in order to satisfy the different requirements of the market.
Hallpa Yaku is run by executives with a wide experience in international commerce, which is highly committed to our clients and suppliers.

- Main objectives of Hallpa Yaku  
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It is our mission to offer a personal, efficient and on time service, always looking forward to consolidating good commercial relationships with our clients in foreign markets offering high quality products and competitive prices.
Hallpa Yaku is committed to give the necessary support the needing farmers in the main productive areas of Peru. In this way, Hallpa Yaku is looking to contribute to improve the quality of life of these people by giving them technical support, seeds and other resources as well as making strategic alliances whit the main wholesalers of grains and food products in Peru, becoming a serious providing source and offering products all year long

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Empresa exportadora - 2007
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